Wednesday, November 10, 2004


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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I am going fishing, taking this week's gal du jour with me.

Western Tennessee is pretty right now.

Meanwhile, I suggest you ponder some of the things I don't understand by reading this.

See ya Monday or Tuesday.


This article gives us hope that Islam will stand opposed to the desecration of its name. The Arab world once stood at the pinnacle of civilization. Now the arab world is largely ruled by despotic leaders and subject to crushing poverty.

In Iraq, the perhaps brilliant, perhaps accidental, strategy seems to have directed the fury of juhadists (and i use that term with apprehensiion soince they are really just terrorists) is directed toward Iraqis. Especially unarmed women. It must make them proud to target washerwomen and schoolchildren.

But as they attack the civilians the population must rise against these outsiders and thugs. And the Islamic leaders must declare those thugs to be criminals.


To his credit the oft quoted, and often conservative Andrew Sullivan, who endorsed Kerry out of dismay over Iraq (I beleive) has publiched the following, which could serve as a good credo for all Americans:

"Our opponents at home are not our enemies. The real enemy is the Jihadist terror network that, even now, is murdering innocents and coalition soldiers in Iraq. Our job now - all of us - is to support this president in that war, to back those troops, and to pray for victory. We saw yesterday, in the cold-blooded murder of a Dutch film-maker for his open criticism of Islamist misogyny, that the enemy is still at large; and aiming directly at our freedoms and security. In Fallujah, our troops are poised for a vital battle against terrorists and theocrats intent on derailing a free future for Iraq. Democracy is on the line there and throughout the world. I've been more than a little frustrated by the president's handling of this war in the past year; but we have to draw a line under that now. The past is the past. And George W. Bush is our president. He deserves a fresh start, a chance to prove himself again, and the constructive criticism of those of us who decided to back his opponent. He needs our prayers and our support for the enormous tasks still ahead of him. He has mine. Unequivocally."


The text of his recent tape is here.


Looks like Kerry loses fair and square. Now what will those Democrats whine about?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Theo Van Gogh, the filmmaker, not the brother of you know who, made a film criticizing Islamic treatment of women.

The religion of peace responded.

"A Dutch filmmaker who had received death threats after releasing a movie criticizing the treatment of women under Islam was slain in Amsterdam on Tuesday, police said."

Read about it.

NOV. 3 Addendum

News on the Subject


Matt Drudge reporting early Tuesday claims"

"Before voting even began in Philladelphia -- poll watchers found nearly 2000 votes already planted on machines scattered throughout downtown... "

There's more. Follow the link.


I got the following comment in an email.

"An old fart running a blog is really nothing more than a form of masterbation."

My response:

And what is wrong with masterbation?

It said a few more choice things, thinking perhaps to shock me.

I laughed out loud at some of it!


From a website -

After the election results are in, I promise to:
: Support the President, even if I didn't vote for him.
: Criticize the President, even if I did vote for him.
: Uphold standards of civilized discourse in blogs and in media while pushing both to be better.
: Unite as a nation, putting country over party, even as we work together to make America better.

I take the pledge! Do you?

Turning the tide?

Only through the goodwill of the leaders can the people have peace.

This story tells of a mother's grief that her son was a suicide bomber. Against this, Arafat and the Palestinian president CONDEMNED the bombing.

Certainly the idea that young people have more value alive than as military projectiles, and that targets of violence not intentionally include civilians, are steps in the right direction.

Election Day 2004

Someday this will be looked back upon as history. Today it is the action of millions of people going to the polls that is making history.

There is no way to sort out what is absolutely right in these circumstances.

The barbarians are at the gate, no doubt.

The Empire is fat and happy, and the people want to avoid the pain for fighting.

Unlike my generation, whose war was different and the time were different, this generation has to know the unknowable, to make the right decisions.

To sort out reality from fiction on TV is nearly impossible, with reality TV being entertainment and the crime and cop shows convincing people that every crime can be solved in an hour.

From there we are challenged by the media, its existence and spin, at every turn. It let's us see presidents shot and buildings fall, but we have no guarantee that we are seeing reality, instead of a hollywood special effect.

I wish ya'll the best.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Martin's wife Lois asked me to put this up so her sister Ella could see it.

I am having a little trouble with this, since I just got the book from amazon.

Different strokes

Another blogger, much more successful than me, is oxblog who gave us this to contemplate:

"In another "bizarre case",
a large sign was stolen sometime Thursday night and a deer carcass was thrown over a fence into the yard where the sign had been removed, as if to send a message of intimidation."

Around Pikeville that would be a gift.

And for Sally, because you asked look here for the info you wanted." And no, I don't give out my number.

Gay Marriage

The way I see it as someone who was married for 32 years, if Gay people want to get married I have only one comment:


Got a date for the weekend.

Hopefully the election will be over. But with all those lawyers, who knows.

As for me I have a date.

Election Eve

Thank god this election is almost over.

The idiotic blathering is so deep and pathetic its clogging my prostate and fouling up my sex life.

I need not detail the stupidity. I need not detail the lying. I need not detail the effect on me.

Its all too visible.

Frankly, I hope Bush wins. This is because I am from Massachusetts. I prefer an irritating idiot from far away over one that is near my place of birth.

And obviosly OBL wants to defeat Bush, so I say, vote Bush.

Now I'll happily admit that the dark side says that deeper powers are at work and OBL is an animation, and that Bush is an idiot, and so on.

Frankly, the best reason to not vote for Bush is the fear that his strategy in the Middle East might be right, and might be successful, and might revolutionize the world in a way that all the simpering, glad-handing and kiss ass pandering of J. Carter, et al, never would achieve.

And if re-elected, he might, 20 years from now, be seen as the single most important president since lincoln. Who also was hated during his presidency.

So let's get this thing over with so I can get my plumbing cleared up and have sex with some decent success.


OBL - Phony, phreak or phat man?

Rumors on the blogsphere range from the looney to the lame. And with the OBL video being out, the bloggers are colelctively scratching their heads, with no particular place to go.

OBL seemed to me to be:

1. On the defensive;
2. Asking for a truce;
3. Worried that Bush might win.

On the other hand the dark side says this is just another phony OBL tape, supporting the phony idea that Al Queda destroyed the Twin Towers.